Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the Ultimate Despair. Watch out for her.


Rank 189
Puzzles solved 14


Kevin Oelze
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
What's the Difference? 0 4h36m
Nobody Knows What Your Perfect Puzzle Is, But You Will After Answering These Nine Questions 0 13m11s
Naval Conflict 0 5h33m
Wordless 2 2h26m
Extreme Anagrams 0 45m43s
Extreme Anagrams 0 8h45m
Eclairs and More @ Ovsljs* Opsvut 0 4h38m
The Line 10 16h40m
Young Artists 0 27h14m
horse_ebooks 1 94h11m
Shared Samples 5 119h16m
Mythic Arms 1 76h33m
Bullet Curtain 4 117h0m
Three 141 102h0m