Your Registration

Thank you for registering for the Galactic Aptitude (GAP) test! The GAP test measures key skills for a successful life such as pattern recognition, logical reasoning, word knowledge and association, and the ability to extract an answer out of almost anything. Do well, and it might change your life!

You will have one hour to complete the exam. When you know the answer to a question, you can use the checker to verify it. Good luck!

The Exam

You lay your hand on the GAP test booklet sitting in front of you and tremble in anticipation. Standardized tests have never been your strong suit. You always get caught up by the annoyingly precise language or distracted by patterns in the answer bubbles (five A answers in a row? Can that really be correct?). At least the GAP doesn’t say “This page intentionally left blank” anywhere. On the other hand, well, you don’t see any blank pages.

Still, something seems off about this exam. You put pencil to paper/fingers to keyboard. It’s time to fill in the GAP!