Good morning. As you know, you’re here to take the GAP. Congratulations on taking this important step toward your college and career goals. Before we begin the test, I am going to read some instructio


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Here are some examples of unfair advantages:, Giving or receiving help of any kind, Looking through the test book before time starts, Looking at any section other than the one we’re currently on, Marking or changing answers after time is called, Attempting to remove test materials from the testing room, Possessing a mobile phone or any other unauthorized testing aid either during testing or during breaks, Possessing an answer key or sharing answers with anyone during or after the test, Going to a locker or leaving the building during the test including during a break, Attempting to take the test for someone else
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Extreme Anagrams 0 14m59s
Naval Conflict 1 30m18s
What's the Difference? 1 36m38s
Nobody Knows What Your Perfect Puzzle Is, But You Will After Answering These Nine Questions 6 22m26s
Extreme Anagrams 0 52s
Eclairs and More @ Ovsljs* Opsvut 0 46m23s
Wordless 0 1h1m
The Line 0 1h5m
Shared Samples 1 3h34m
horse_ebooks 0 15m58s
Bullet Curtain 0 1h49m
Make Your Own Puzzle Hunt 0 3h26m
Three 39 2h50m
Young Artists 0 45m43s
Cryptology 3 5h55m
Duality 0 13h21m
A Practical Guide to Choosing a Team Name 0 1h56m
The Earth Guide 0 12h59m
All Things Big and Small 0 2h35m
✝️🔤🧩 0 3h54m
Oversimplified 0 35m28s
Everything Everywhere All at Once 1 5h43m
Reap What You Sow 0 7h9m
Pocket Guide to Travel 0 16h5m
Speedy Crosswording 1 1h47m
The Dining Philosophers 3 17h8m
Galactic History Exam 0 9h23m
Forward 0 30h9m
Hibernating and Flying South 0 2h22m
Babysit the Supercomputer 0 9h10m
Broken Jukebox 0 9h17m
Combat Roller 1 12h44m
Piano Typer 0 44m55s
At the Park 1 4h35m
World's End Concert 0 1h34m
The Cube 0 1h15m
Maze 0 24h2m
Mythic Arms 0 76h24m
Somewhere 0 66h2m
Me, the Worm 2 50h20m
Changes 0 103h18m
Just Wait an Hour 2 98h10m
A Winding Walk 0 127h37m