Eggplant Parms


Rank 5
Puzzles solved 43


Level 51, lovemathboy, Mistrals, moo, rf215, DF44, talkingtree, HRoll, Amaranth, mbingo
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Extreme Anagrams 0 10m12s
Naval Conflict 1 18m15s
Nobody Knows What Your Perfect Puzzle Is, But You Will After Answering These Nine Questions 0 12m4s
What's the Difference? 1 28m14s
Extreme Anagrams 0 20s
Wordless 0 30m32s
Eclairs and More @ Ovsljs* Opsvut 3 39m1s
Shared Samples 1 1h37m
The Line 6 2h12m
Bullet Curtain 1 1h7m
horse_ebooks 0 3h6m
Changes 0 5h0m
Duality 0 7h0m
Cryptology 0 1h41m
Young Artists 0 2h55m
A Practical Guide to Choosing a Team Name 0 59m40s
✝️🔤🧩 3 6h55m
Make Your Own Puzzle Hunt 1 18h48m
All Things Big and Small 0 6h8m
Everything Everywhere All at Once 0 13h47m
Mythic Arms 0 16h11m
The Dining Philosophers 0 4h22m
Reap What You Sow 2 2h23m
Babysit the Supercomputer 0 1h33m
Speedy Crosswording 5 3h26m
Combat Roller 1 4h55m
Broken Jukebox 3 5h5m
Piano Typer 0 47m40s
Galactic History Exam 0 9h37m
Forward 2 22h32m
The Earth Guide 6 38h34m
Three 57 35h32m
At the Park 1 7h34m
Just Wait an Hour 2 9h38m
World's End Concert 0 2h34m
Pocket Guide to Travel 0 36h22m
Somewhere 1 20h57m
Maze 0 3h46m
Hibernating and Flying South 0 1h6m
Oversimplified 1 33h21m
The Cube 0 22m53s
Me, the Worm 8 24h27m
A Winding Walk 16 22h6m