Rank 184
Puzzles solved 14


Evan Chen, Serena An, Sanjana Das, Victoria Xia, Kaylee Jee, Aaron Lin
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Extreme Anagrams 11 22m7s
What's the Difference? 0 1h21m
Naval Conflict 6 1h58m
Shared Samples 3 39m29s
Extreme Anagrams 7 4m51s
Eclairs and More @ Ovsljs* Opsvut 8 1h42m
Wordless 0 3h5m
The Line 3 20h49m
Bullet Curtain 2 44h50m
Cryptology 5 30h16m
Young Artists 0 35h21m
horse_ebooks 1 51h34m
Nobody Knows What Your Perfect Puzzle Is, But You Will After Answering These Nine Questions 2 77h14m
A Practical Guide to Choosing a Team Name 2 14h47m